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The problem with email only is this, I get a lot of them every day. What I like to do when I see one I want to share with others is not forward the email but blog post it. I am constantly noticing how popular some of these blog posts are. My all time high is a forwarded email from earlier this month, Feb 2011: far it has 92 hitsThe problem is this, if that is all my blog is then wordpress will simply kick it out because they want completely original material exclusively when you read their terms of … Continue reading Description of Rick Livermore–WordPress blog site–Yachtsman220

Thought for today.

I thought something original in a dream and just woke up and remember it. Regarding electricity generators built into buildings in windy places: In the attic have the four walls be open windows covered by grates or shutters and funnel the air to turn a turbine that’s connected to an electricity generator.  Use gears to transfer the slow-moving air to faster spinning turbines.  Any unused electrical energy can power up the grid. The main point is the house or office looks to the observer like any other. Continue reading Thought for today.