This is a great article in my opinion

I am quite in harmony with the main thrust of the TEA-Party movements. T-E-A, “Taxed Enough Already,” is a great rallying cry. “Taxed Too Much Already” would be better, but doesn’t square the convenient acronym. I fully support the TEA-parties’ stated aims to reduce taxes and limit government mainly because I, on principle, oppose socialism as Godless, anti-Christian, and destructive of society. But for these same reasons I have little faith in the success of the TEA-party as a movement. Why? Because I, on principle, oppose socialism, and most of the TEA-parties are composed of people who neither vote on … Continue reading This is a great article in my opinion

New book now available for purchase

Lindsay Brooks (Author), Harry Edwards (Author), Jeremy Livermore (Author), Mike McCoy (Author), Christopher Neiswonger (Author), Richard Park (Author), Steve Tsai (Author), Paul Hughes (Author, Editor), Craig J. Hazen (Foreword) Think and Live, Challenging Believers to Think and Thinkers to Believe New book now available for purchase Product Description Devastation. That is the effect of excessive, singular focus on only one part of a fully orbed Christian life. God wants complete men and women committed to Christ, thinking and living in His Kingdom. Beginning with Jesus, moving through solid thought about key truths, then into how this leads people (you) to … Continue reading New book now available for purchase