No Other Name releases The Other Side on MP3 Oct 25 2011

Look for the first item on the first batch of items this week!!! zooming in on that item you see this: The following information was found when I was working on a project having to do with this website: Produced by award-winning writer/producer Bernie Herms (Natalie Grant, Casting Crowns) in cooperation with Jason Kyle (Selah) and Blake Bollinger, The Other Side is a collection of 10 songs showcasing No Other Name’s signature harmonies and poignant lyrics. Songs like “The Only One” emphasizes the believer’s total and utter dependence on God, while “Let It Start With Me” inspires listeners to fulfill The Great … Continue reading No Other Name releases The Other Side on MP3 Oct 25 2011

Top Posts for all days ending 2011-05-05 (Summarized)

All Time Title Views Home page 1,073 Limited Time: NIV Available Offline on YouVersion 142 QuickVerse 2009 – 12 Bonus Books & Downloadable Upgrades 139 BibleReader for iPad, Sale on Bible Study Tools! 128 Christy Nockels – Waiting Here For You ( Passion Conference) – Music Videos 96 THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES – Private Screening Invitation 93 TaRanda Greene “I know my redeemer lives” 83 Biblical Outline on the Baptism by means of the Holy Spirit 77 Description of Rick Livermore–Wordpress blog site–Yachtsman220 71 E4 News: NEW RELEASE – Alexander MacLaren’s Exposition of the Holy Scriptures. 59 Last … Continue reading Top Posts for all days ending 2011-05-05 (Summarized)

I have new place to post my thoughts that gets a lot of pageviews!

The reason for this blog post is this, I have never been a user on the site until today, and I am impressed with it. I thought I might try publishing something to it after I joined, and it published successfully. They then proceeded to edit out my footnotes and emailed me that I was in violation of the terms of service by including a reference to an external website in my footnotes. I then proceeded to put my footnotes back in without the link, which was pastor Dan Pergrin’s email address only, not a website, and if you were … Continue reading I have new place to post my thoughts that gets a lot of pageviews!

Lyrics to Randy Stonehill’s cigarette song

The reason I am posting this song is this:   I know someone who asked for the lyrics because she has been trying to quit smoking and wanted some help. I requested the people who read my status and my notes to help me locate the lyrics to give to her, and Stephen K Betts emailed them to me. I had not heard verse 5 before so that was a wonderful addition to my memory. I knew an alternate ending so in this note I thought I would furnish the alternate ending as well. I welcome any other materials that my friends may … Continue reading Lyrics to Randy Stonehill’s cigarette song

I just got this notification on facebook:

    "Richard Michubu and Jonathan David Stern are now friends. You suggested this friendship. You can suggest more people that Jonathan may know"   These two people work in the same location, Nairobi Kenya. Visit Online community includes a Christian search engine, clean Christian jokes, Bible study aids, webmaster resources, Christian news, Christian cartoons,games & Bible trivia and much more. The Christian Counter This blog entry brought to you by Yachtsman220  Continue reading I just got this notification on facebook:

Facebook friends notification

  Yachtsman220’s Facebook friends notification today: Don Finto and Michael W. Smith are now friends, as you suggested. You can suggest more people Michael knows. Rick Livermore (thats me) was at New River Fellowship for the service that Don Finto ministered, and after the service I went up for personal ministry, and Don Finto looked at me and told me to stop living in the past, figure out what direction I want to go in then focus on going that direction, be careful who I choose to be my friends, and develop a personal vision statement. Since that time I have … Continue reading Facebook friends notification