Top Posts for all days ending 2011-05-05 (Summarized)

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IVF then abortion

80 women per year abort babies after becoming pregnant by ivf treatment in the UK. Listen to the podcast here: If that link does not work then try this one My opinion on this topic is this: when you want to become pregnant so badly that you resort to ivf to do it, why not just keep it and trust that your original desire to become pregnant was the right one? You are making motherhood as a vocation to be nothing better than shopaholic behavior, buy the baby one day, take it back the next day for a refund of your time … Continue reading IVF then abortion

Podcast on Aborting the Wrong Baby

The medical doctor who aborted the wrong baby was diciplined for doing that by having his medical license revoked. Since when are downs syndrome babies called "right" babies when it comes to candidates to be aborted. Why can’t we redefine "right" as only babies who are the product of rape or incest, and leave it there? Think about that for a minute. If you who are reading this want to see abortion on demand restricted, regulated, or limited legally, would you also want the medical license revoked of all other doctors who abort healthy babies, not just this doctor who … Continue reading Podcast on Aborting the Wrong Baby