No Other Name releases The Other Side on MP3 Oct 25 2011

Look for the first item on the first batch of items this week!!!

zooming in on that item you see this:

The following information was found when I was working on a project having to do with this website:
Produced by award-winning writer/producer Bernie Herms (Natalie Grant, Casting Crowns) in cooperation with Jason Kyle (Selah) and Blake Bollinger, The Other Side is a collection of 10 songs showcasing No Other Name’s signature harmonies and poignant lyrics.
Songs like “The Only One” emphasizes the believer’s total and utter dependence on God, while “Let It Start With Me” inspires listeners to fulfill The Great Commission.
Likewise, “Lead You to the Cross,” is a vibrant anthem that proclaims the essence of No Other Name’s ministry.
 I published this review here:
Wow! Who Knew! | Posted October 18, 2011
I was working on my routine promotional project when I ran across the following website: 4, 5 and 7 are playable at this location, and the music and lyrics are all great.  The trio of voices blend beautifully. I come from the barbershop quartet style of singing, so the switch from quartet to trio is difficult for me to make. I am a bass and there is no bass voice in the trio of voices on these three songs. Perhaps someday they will add a fourth voice. In the meantime, listen to the three playable songs on the website while waiting for the new release date of Oct 25th to hear the rest of them. I love the accuracy of the harmonies, the use of featured solo voices mixed in with choruses that contain trio harmonies. Very polished!

For a website where the mp3 can be purchased:
The Other Side

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