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I am quite in harmony with the main thrust of the TEA-Party movements. T-E-A, “Taxed Enough Already,” is a great rallying cry. “Taxed Too Much Already” would be better, but doesn’t square the convenient acronym. I fully support the TEA-parties’ stated aims to reduce taxes and limit government mainly because I, on principle, oppose socialism as Godless, anti-Christian, and destructive of society. But for these same reasons I have little faith in the success of the TEA-party as a movement. Why?

Because I, on principle, oppose socialism, and most of the TEA-parties are composed of people who neither vote on principle nor oppose socialism. Yes, you read that right.

First, most TEA-party activists don’t vote on principle. They don’t hate socialism and government theft and abuse as a rule. If they did they would have been just as exercised about socialism, big government, fascism, dubious legislative tactics, deficits and the national debt during George W. Bush’s term in office. But they were silent. The greatest increases in national debt since WWII came during the presidencies of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. Here’s the best chart I’ve seen illustrating national debt growth. During these decades TEA-parties were non-existent. Silence. They don’t oppose Socialism on principle, they oppose the other guys’ socialism. more

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