I have been wondering about this for some time now.

I keep getting visitors to the following blog posting on a very regular basis.  I have had no reason to get them that I can think of, but now that I have done some searching on Google, I think I can explain it. I just completed a major re-write of this blog entry due to the high traffic it gets: (like add some hyperlinks to Quickverse 2009 Standard Bible Study Software that I can make some commissions on with my Amazon tag) Up until now the blog post has not had any of those types of links on it. It was migrated to WordPress.com because Windows Live Spaces decided to go away.  Now it is ranked 3rd in all time views on the stats today:

Top Posts for all days ending 2011-05-25 (Summarized)

All time

Title                                                    Views

Home page 1,141
Limited Time: NIV Available Offline on YouVersion 149
QuickVerse 2009 – 12 Bonus Books & Downloadable Upgrades 144

It seems that the third automatically generated related post to the following blog entry is my blog posting.

navigate to the section called Related Blogs: and this is the list you get

See for yourself: it is the one starting out “QuickVerse2009”


Related Blogs

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Well with this kind of interest, I would like to thank Broomfield Dentist for his support and wish him Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, Happy birthday, and God Bless! What a nice thing to do for me! I appreciate the visits!


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