I have new place to post my thoughts that gets a lot of pageviews!

The reason for this blog post is this, I have never been a user on the bible.org site until today, and I am impressed with it. I thought I might try publishing something to it after I joined, and it published successfully. They then proceeded to edit out my footnotes and emailed me that I was in violation of the terms of service by including a reference to an external website in my footnotes. I then proceeded to put my footnotes back in without the link, which was pastor Dan Pergrin’s email address only, not a website, and if you were to try to go to the website at that email domain you wouldn’t see anything there anyway so I don’t understand their concern about what I had done. I still have a few active web pages on a branch of that earthlink account that I used to have the ability to be a webmaster for back in 2002, which are shown here:

In order to be a user on bible.org you are given an opportunity to identify yourself as one of the following: Senior Pastor, Pastor (other) and various other titles, then you get to say “submit” and the system will respond with an email providing you with an email with a one time use password that you get to change to something you can remember immediately. My first blog post was deleted completely which was a hyperlink to my rss feed. They are very picky about what you get to blog about, and promoting yourself and your ministry are strictly forbidden. However if you would like to partner with them by contributing to their ministry they will allow you to put your rss feed at the following location on their website,. where you can promote yourself and your ministry all you want. Scroll down to this section on the bottom of their sitemap:


  • Bill Hull Ministries (78)
  • Equipping the Saints (13)
  • Grace Products (3)
  • Leader Formation International (56)
  • NavPress (0)
  • Probe Ministries (74)
  • Reclaiming the Mind Ministries (125)
  • Reflections Ministries (397)
  • Visual Scripture (52)
  • Shabby Chic Ministries (4)

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