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Subject: Logos March Madness is Here!
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Logos March Madness Starts Today!
Logos March Madness

Save up to 75% off on 64 titles!

You Determine What Titles Go On Sale!

We've selected 64 titles and now it's up to you to vote on your favorites and decide what titles get the biggest discount. Every title will be offered at a discount ranging from 30% to 75% off, but the titles with more votes will be offered at bigger discounts!

The titles are divided into four divisions: New Testament, Old Testament, Practical, and Theology. Each round, vote for your favorite titles in each division. The titles with the most votes at the end of each round advance to the next. Titles that don't advance are then offered at a discount rate ranging from 30% to 60% off. As each round passes, the discounts increase until round six when we crown the champion title at 75% off!

Voting Starts Now.

Voting is open! You can now vote for your favorite titles to move on to the next round. Titles that don't advance to the next round will be announced with their coupon code the morning that the next round of voting starts. The full voting schedule is as follows:

Round 1: March 17-19: Vote for your top 8 in each division.
Round 2: March 20-22: Vote for your top 4 in each division.
Sweet 16: March 23-25: Vote for your top 2 in each division.
Elite 8: March 26-28: Vote for your top 1 in each division.
Final 4: March 29-31: Vote for your top 1 in two combined divisions.
Championship: April1-3: Vote for the champion title.

Vote Now!

Don't Miss a Single Day.

Be sure to visit www.logosmarchmadness.com to keep up with the voting and coupon code announcements. Subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for email reminders so you don't miss out!

Learn More

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(800) 875-6467 — (360) 527-1700
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