IVF then abortion

80 women per year abort babies after becoming pregnant by ivf treatment in the UK. Listen to the podcast here:


If that link does not work then try this one


My opinion on this topic is this: when you want to become pregnant so badly that you resort to ivf to do it, why not just keep it and trust that your original desire to become pregnant was the right one? You are making motherhood as a vocation to be nothing better than shopaholic behavior, buy the baby one day, take it back the next day for a refund of your time you would have had to devote to motherhood. The doctors who agree to do the ivf procedure should be requiring those who undergo ivf treatment to at least be required to get counseling about possible consequences like feelings of guilt for murdering their babies if they change their minds and decide to get an abortion. The doctors should find a suitable couple willing to adopt the live baby and asking the pregnant mother to commit to carrying their baby to term and give it up for adoption before allowing them to have the ivf procedure. Doctors who do things that involve ethically sensitive procedures must begin to set up complex steps including surveys and behavior pattern screenings. Ask how many times the candidate for an ivf has had one already and has kept it. Ask how many times has the candidate aborted their baby already. Ask them a hypothetical question and tell them they are required to answer it honestly. Say, “For me to do this ivf procedure I have to ask you, if you have any problem later on with the idea of being pregnant, would you want to get an abortion?” or “would you commit to carrying the baby to term and give it up for adoption?” In some cases medical insurance rules could be helpful in this area. I know lots of people put off or never have things done that they should do because the thing won’t be covered by insurance. Insurance procedures should include the above set of suggestions that I first said the word “doctors” need to begin to be doing.


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