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E4's Pink Library Vol 3

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E4’s Christian Focus Vol. 3 – New Testament Commentaries

The next installment in this very practical commentary series, finishing the the Old Testament and giving you a number of great works on the New Testament as well!

This library includes these Christ-centered Bible study tools that will deepen your knowledge and move your heart in worship…

Commentary on Revelation by Gardner
It is ironical that a book called ‘the revelation’ remains probably the most obscure of all the books of the Bible. Many Christians have never ventured further than the first 3 chapters, others have studied its intricacies – and the split churches that resulted wished that they hadn’t! This commentary will take you a little deeper and stimulate thinking about how the teaching should be applied to the modern church. ‘This is a brilliant commentary that deserves a wide readership. It is lucid, sane, helpful and well applied Revelation is a book of enormous encouragement to Christians and it needs deliverance from the way it has been misused by many.

Commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians by Mayhue
Paul’s first letter was written to encourage and reassure the Christians in Thessalonica. He gives thanks for their faith and love; reminds them of his example on godly living and answers questions about the return of Christ. In his second letter we find Paul still dealing with confusion over the return of Christ, especially with those that believed that the Lord’s coming had already arrived. He also shows that evil and wickedness will reach a crescendo under the leadership of a mysterious figure called ‘the wicked one’. He tells them to remain steady in all that they have learnt.
Commentary on James by Derek Prime
Practical, down to earth, full of pithy comments the letter of James is one which we often find too accurate for comfort. He warns us about the way we speak to one another and about orders. We are reminded of the need to show love in practical forms. Empty religion is contrasted with whole hearted commitment to God. This is a letter to Christians which demands a visible response.

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E4's Pink Library Vol 3

E4’s Christian Focus New Testament Commentaries Vol. 3 (THREE) CD

75% OFF for One Week!

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About E4

E4 is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry started twelve years ago by a young seminary couple with a passion to see people grow in Christ. Our goal is to put a large Biblical Study Library in every Christian home. Therefore, we offer our main Bible Study CD Library free all the time, and we make our other Bible Study CDs free as often as we can. We wanted to make the library the highest quality possible, so we took the greatest care in choosing which books to publish. Each book is a proven masterpiece, hand selected for its impact in the hearts and lives of Christians in the past. They are sure to lead you to worship Christ. For more info go to FreeBibleSoftware.com

E4’s Christian Focus Commentary Set Vol. 3 (THREE) CD – ALL NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARIES

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God maturing His church through pastors and teachers. Eph. 4:11-14. The E4 Group is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. Copyright ©2006, The Ephesians Four Group



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