Podcast on Aborting the Wrong Baby

The medical doctor who aborted the wrong baby was diciplined for doing that by having his medical license revoked.

Since when are downs syndrome babies called "right" babies when it comes to candidates to be aborted. Why can’t we redefine "right" as only babies who are the product of rape or incest, and leave it there?
Think about that for a minute. If you who are reading this want to see abortion on demand restricted, regulated, or limited legally, would you also want the medical license revoked of all other doctors who abort healthy babies, not just this doctor who aborted a healty baby when the one he should have killed was right next to the healthy baby but it was the one with downs syndrome? The legal precedent should be set here and now. What better place than this to start. The doctor who performed this abortion on any other pregnant mother would not have had his medical license revoked. The fact that he mistook one baby for another should not be what determines whether or not the medical license should be revoked. How about changing the criteria here and now. If a doctor performs an abortion on a mother who is not the victim of rape or incest then he should have his medical license revoked. That is exactly what happened to this doctor. The fact that he should have aborted the downs syndrome baby should be irrelevant.  The doctor who aborted the wrong baby in the opinion of the baby’s parents needed to be diciplined. The same doctor would not have had his medical license revoked if the parents of the twins had asked that both be aborted, not just the one with downs syndrome, so we as a society are defining what type of tragedy to permit and what not to permit to happen based on the whim of the parents. Listen to the podcast for additional thoughts on this issue.
Dr Mohler deals with all kinds of things relating to this subject.

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Podcast on Aborting the Wrong Baby



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