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  There are several topics being presented all at once here, sorry, but I want to have people who like to read my blog get a whole meal. I think these items are all worthwhile items to ponder! Can I get an AMEN?

Quote – Jennifer Knapp: A Response To The Big Three#comment-47

The supreme court will hear a case about the following item.

I know a lot of people will be relieved if the case is decided in such a way as to protect them from potential threats or actual harm.

One more thing.

If you are a former practicing homosexual who has renounced that lifestyle and lie and you read things or see things being said by others who are un-initiated into the lifestyle you formerly lived, you need to become a teacher and a leader to the rest of us, warning us what is a bad idea to say and encouraging us about what is a good idea to say on this volatile topic. We have a tendency to say things that get us put in prison if we are not taught by those who once walked in the lifestyle and now don’t. Take the following example…

Can you imagine a former homosexual who converted getting himself arrested in the middle of giving his testimony? I can’t! (because he would be sensitive to the thought processes going on inside the minds of those who are watching and listening. Those of us who are not former homosexuals are not sensitive to those thought processes and have no clue, and get themselves arrested.)

In the books by Frank Peretti that have "Darkness" in their titles, for example "This Present D…" and "Piercing the D…" The theory is promoted that getting arrested is not necessarily a bad thing in Gods designs and in terms of getting the plans that God has to be accomplished.

The above comments are my recollection about something I just now found on the main page of the website:

Frank Peretti’s two spiritual warfare novels, This Present Darkness (1988) and Piercing the Darkness (1989), captivated readers, together selling more than 3.5 million copies. His Christian novel The Oath (1995) has sold over a million copies and was awarded the 1996 ECPA Gold Medallion Award for best fiction.

That must mean that getting arrested has become a household thing that millions of people are aware of as a valid way that God works.


That may be what is going on in the follow up article to the above article.

The follow up to this article is located here:

I have always said that the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues is a controversial subject for a good reason. When you get a lot of people who want to learn more about subjects that they intend to debunk as something to be opposed, they have to read books and articles on the topic written from opposing sides of the argument in order to become familiar with all the angles that the subject has traditionally been viewed. In the process they are bathing in the light of a diamond in Gods economy as they discover rainbow after rainbow reflected off of the topic and the next thing the sometimes happens, is they themselves decide they want to be baptized too.




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