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Yachtsman220’s Facebook friends notification today:

Don Finto and Michael W. Smith are now friends, as you suggested. You can suggest more people Michael knows.

Rick Livermore (thats me) was at New River Fellowship for the service that Don Finto ministered, and after the service I went up for personal ministry, and Don Finto looked at me and told me to stop living in the past, figure out what direction I want to go in then focus on going that direction, be careful who I choose to be my friends, and develop a personal vision statement. Since that time I have been tempted to live in the past but have not done it as often as before, Have not developed a personal vision statement but have begun to question the direction I have been going in my life, have had some unhealthy friendships but generally stayed away from most people I consider unhealty friends, and had some time to figure out what direction I want to go, but not enough. I think the way I should incorporate Don Finto’s words for me is to gradually make them more and more a part of who I am. It reminds me of something a preacher said years ago. "You can really see a distinction between a strong Christian and a lukewarm Christian by observing what he hates" That goes for me and the things Don Finto said to me. I ought to be stronger in my desire to please God in my actions and my thoughts. If a man just loves everything and hates nothing, what good is that? I know all about how we should love the sinner but hate the sin. I am talking about establishing boundaries that others around you can see are there. Do I look into other people’s eyes with a look that will make them want to learn more about me, the person who is living on this earth, or do I look into their eyes with a look that will make them see Jesus and want to learn more about Him and the things that pertain to His answers to their issues. Hopefully I will choose to do the latter. When I was in Bible College I was criticized for being Liberal. I had not been a Liberal in my own view of myself for 2 or 3 years before that comment was made, so I did not agree with it then, but it worked it’s way down into my heart and soul so that now when I am tempted to respond to an issue with something that a Liberal would say, rather than what a true Christian would say, I think, "wait! don’t say that, that is not a strong position that would build character in the lives of the people who are listening" I then proceed to speak, sometimes doing exactly the right thing with that thought as my inspiration and sometimes falling back into the Liberal rut.  If you are reading this, Thank you so much, really! Comments are turned off for this because I have gotten a lot of junk comments and very few if any comments that are real people going through real life things. If you message me on facebook and reference the Don Finto blog entry, I will temporarily open up the comments, post your comment as a quote within my comment below this, and close comments back up. Thanks again for reading this.

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