Joys and Challenges group for Grandparents on AARP

Welcome to the Grandparenting: Joys and Challenges group!

I’m so happy you’ve joined us. Jump right in, get your feet wet and let’s talk about grandparenting! This group is for any grandparenting topics. We all know there are many joys of being a grandparent – so let’s celebrate them together! We also know there can be many challenges – here is your forum to discuss everything from long-distance grandparenting to disagreeing with your daughter-in-law about your grandchildren to your granchild’s new wild new hairstyle to your teenage grandchild who doesn’t seem interested in talking with you anymore.

Please note we also have a separate group that focuses solely on grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, as well as a group for grandparents with visitation issues – you’ll find many grandparents there to connect with! Please feel free to post topics, respond to other group members’ questions and topics – or just follow along the dialogue! And if you have any questions or problems with the site – just let me know!

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