ECFA email reply to website comment feedback

This email started out from me, at the bottom of the blog, and ended up with something from a real person inside the organization, who had a real title. I decided to delete all that specific information to protect the persons identity, email address, phone number. The point of me posting it as a blog entry is to show you, my blog reader, what my thought process is, having a programming background, and also having a sensitivity to all things financial. Joyce Meyer is a member in good standing with the organization I contacted, in case you were wondering.




ECFA: Contact Form

Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 9:02 AM
Subject: RE: ECFA Contact Form

Thank you for your email.


We are in the process of improving our site search metrics and have recently added an auto complete technology to our search box in order to help prevent any confusion with typographical errors.  Thank you for your feedback as we will use that as we enhance our search functionality even more.


Thank you,


ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)

~A higher standard ~ A higher purpose ~




ECFA Contact Form










Finding a Member or Former Member 


the website’s search engine results report if a name is not listed is giving false negatives because I may for example put in Joyce Mire but I meant to put in Joyce Meyer. I knew better but my automatic type helper was way ahead of me and guessed that I meant Mire and you reported no results were found for my inquiry when I do not even know what spelling errors I made because you provided no feedback on the spelling I used (mire) Are you planning on fixing this blatant error to prevent false negatives? 






The Christian Counter
The Christian Counter

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