Missionary stories

Missionary stories http://shepherdtheflock.com/2008/05/01/are-spiritual-gifts-really-miraculous/#comment-3509

Particularly comments number 2 and hopefully 3 by me. I am awaiting moderation approval before you can read it there, and in the meantime, I am posting it here on this blog.

Rick Livermore
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worked on a web page several years ago for pastor Dan who commented on
this site a year ago. I was on google today and I read what he said
here. Guess what the web page was? It was a sermon he preached at his
church about the topic he shared with you on this site. He printed a
handout for the congregation, which I typed out onto the web page, and
added the actual scriptures by using a scripture lookup utility. The
web page is still live, all these years later, and I am no longer able
to maintain the links that are on the site, but the main thoughts are
still valid on the main page. Take some time to read this sermon.

Several of the links to a related 2002 web page are still good, but some need maintenance. Here is the related page:


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