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free podcast of all the shows including these which list Jeremy Livermore as a participating staff apologist

Ghosts, Hauntings & the Demonic: Fact or Fiction?

It seems like every other week Hollywood pushes out another movie that deals with either ghosts and hauntings or demonic possession. What is the Christian to make of these issues? How are we to understand the credible accounts of both types of phenomena? Would a true case of a haunting conflict with orthodox Christian theology? If demon possession occurs, can the Christan fall under this influence? Listen in as these questions as well as many others are addressed. Bonus: Kevin Lewis, professor of theology from Biola university again joins the discussion (

Steve Tsai, Richard Park, Jeremy Livermore and Harry Edwards

Evaluating the Economic Crisis

We got the chance to talk to Kevin Lewis, Assistant Professor of Theology & Law at Biola University, about the current economic status. In this short segment we learn the valuable lesson of proper stewardship and the role government plays in the affairs of her citizens.

Steve Tsai, Richard Park, Jeremy Livermore and Harry Edwards


Denominations and the Church: Vice or Virtue?

The week the staff discuss and distinguish the various types of evangelical denominations from on another. From Methodist to Anglican, Baptist to Presbyterian, the crew will pick apart the theological distinctives of each. Also, the issue (or criticism) of denominationism will be addressed. For years Catholics and atheists have been quick to disparage the Christian church based on the variagated denominationalism present. They allege that the lack of theological unity is a weakness among present day Christianity. Learn how to respond to this charge (and others) as the crew tackles this and other deep issues related to denominationalism.

Steve Tsai, Richard Park, Jeremy Livermore and Harry Edwards

Basic Apologetics 101: Biblical Reliability to Jesus to Inspiration (pt.7)

This, the last radio show for 2008, is also the last part in the series Basic Apologetics 101. For those of you who have faithfully followed the series, I (Steve Tsai) thank you for making the Basic Apologetics 101 series one of the most listened to on our website! This show will conclude the series and detail how we move from the basic historical reliability of scripture, to Jesus Christ as savior, and finally the Bible as God’s inspired word (and of course how to do this in a non-logically-circular fashion).

Steve Tsai, Jeremy Livermore, Mike McCoy & Harry Edwards

Basic Apologetics 101: Objective History & Christianity (pt.6)

Continuing the series, this week staffers take on chapters 9-12 of Norman Geisler and Frank Turek’s book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist. Learn how objective history teaches us that not only is the new testament reliable, but that God raising Jesus Christ from the dead is the best explanation for facts such as Jesus’ death on the cross, his honorable burial by Joseph of Aremethia, the empty tomb, his post-resurrection appearances and the disciples newfound boldness in preaching the gospel (even unto death).

Steve Tsai, Jeremy Livermore, Lindsay Brooks and Harry Edwards

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The Christian Counter

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