My son Jeremy is on Itunes

  Itunes free podcast of all the shows including these which list Jeremy Livermore as a participating staff apologist Ghosts, Hauntings & the Demonic: Fact or Fiction? It seems like every other week Hollywood pushes out another movie that deals with either ghosts and hauntings or demonic possession. What is the Christian to make of these issues? How are we to understand the credible accounts of both types of phenomena? Would a true case of a haunting conflict with orthodox Christian theology? If demon possession occurs, can the Christan fall under this influence? Listen in as these questions as well … Continue reading My son Jeremy is on Itunes

My hobby these days is adding facebook friends

  Next time you are on facebook, try doing what I have been doing for several months, which is adding as a friend people who I may or may not know personally, but I have heard of them, some of them many many years ago. It can be very addictive.     ↑ Grab this Headline Animator   Visit Online community includes a Christian search engine, clean Christian jokes, Bible study aids, webmaster resources, Christian news, Christian cartoons, games & Bible trivia and much more. The Christian Counter This blog entry brought to you by Yachtsman220     Continue reading My hobby these days is adding facebook friends