2nd Wikipedia edit done

My new edit is the same external link contribution that I submitted to the article on Kenneth Wuest I am the user known as Lights220 the reason I like Lights as a user name is that when you need to see some things, you need lights to be provided first or the things will be surrounded by darkness. Before I became a Christian I was in darkness and not able to see truth and a way of salvation. The light of the gospel was provided by evangelists who were able to reach my dark soul through the medium of a gospel … Continue reading 2nd Wikipedia edit done

E4 News: Hebrew Word Study / Vista Upgrade.

Help your FRIENDS get this Free CD, just have them go to this web address:https://www.freebiblesoftware.com/products/library.asp?library=73 and from there they can also order this great offer . Free Bible Software e4 Group   Get It Here About Ephesians 4 Tell Your Friends Vista Upgrade Update: We’ve moved the release back 1-Week of Our Free Vista Compatible Upgrade to Oct 2nd. When it releases, you can import this CD and other E4 CDs into this upgrade if you are using Vista Lowest Price in 3 Years! For 1 Week Only… 70% OFF Theological Workbook of the Old Testament by Gleason L. Archer … Continue reading E4 News: Hebrew Word Study / Vista Upgrade.

Bebo Norman Release Day

Bebo Norman Release Day Bebo Norman In Stores and Online Now   September 16th, 2008   BEBO NORMAN’S SELF-TITLED ALBUM "BEBO NORMAN" IS IN STORES NOW!! The day is here! "Bebo Norman" is in stores and online now!!! With the first singles "Britney" and "Pull me Out" out and getting some great reviews ( 45 reviews from listeners and 4 1/2 stars on iTunes), we are excited for you to hear the whole album! Check out some of the online purchase options: iTunes, MusiChristian.com, and Amazon. Also check out your local retailer. Check out Hearitfirst.com as they will be streaming … Continue reading Bebo Norman Release Day

Shameless Promotion Moment

  From: Michael Kemp Howdy my fellow employees . . . lend me your ears,   Just wanted to let you know that the group I perform with, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (www.denvermho.com), will be performing a full show tomorrow night at 12th and Porter at 8pm.  Cover is only $5 so come on out and enjoy some good music.  We hardly ever play in town so don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear some great horn-driven music from DMHO.   Ok, shameless promotion moment over.   Michael Kemp         This blog entry brought to you … Continue reading Shameless Promotion Moment

www.newschannel5.com : Ancient Bible To Be Reunited – Online

  Ancient Bible To Be Reunited – Online The oldest surviving copy of the New Testament, a 4th century version that had its Gospels and epistles spread across the world, is being made whole again – online. http://www.newschannel5.com/global/story.asp?s=8723305Find more items like this at http://www.newschannel5.comCopyright 2008 WTVF     This blog entry brought to you by Yachtsman220 Continue reading www.newschannel5.com : Ancient Bible To Be Reunited – Online

E4 News: E4 Bible Study Library, Vol. 4.

Free Bible Software E4 Group https://www.freebiblesoftware.com/products/offer.asp?pop=y&another=yes&intOfferID=42 Ensure Delivery of FREE offers add E4News@FreeBibleSoftware.net to your Address Book Click here if you have trouble viewing this e-mail. Get It Here About Ephesians 4 Tell Your Friends Our Family wants you to haveanother Bible Study CD… FREE! Just like our other Free CD, this Bible-Study CD is absolutely free (you do have to cover the shipping cost since our family can’t do that for the thousands of CDs we give away). Enjoy this new Free CD, VISTA: This CD is not Vista-compatible by itself. But this CD will import into our Free … Continue reading E4 News: E4 Bible Study Library, Vol. 4.

Six Realities for Reality Living:

Six Realities for Reality Living:1)I am responsible for my own attitude2)Attitude effects actions3)I cannot change others, but I can influence others to change4)My actions are NOT controlled by my emotions5)Admitting my imperfections does not mean that I am a failure6)Love is the most powerful weapon for good in the world. This blog entry brought to you by Yachtsman220 Continue reading Six Realities for Reality Living:

Meet Bebo Norman

Pre-Order Deals on new Bebo Norman Music       September 2nd, 2008  PRE-ORDER "BEBO NORMAN" TODAY & ATTEND THE MEET & GREET! Pre-Order Bebo Norman’s new album "Bebo Norman" coming September 16th, 2008! Grab your copy at Musichristian or Family Christian and receive an EXCLUSIVE MEET & GREET PASS.   BEBO NORMAN’S NEW SINGLE "BRITNEY" IS LIVE NOW Get Bebo Norman’s new single "Britney" at iTunes and hear what lots of folks have been talking about. You can also head over to Bebo’s myspace page to hear it before you buy it! HELP SPREAD THE WORD WITH THE BEBO … Continue reading Meet Bebo Norman