Charles Hodge, Systematic Theology Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

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Just Released 8/11/2008
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E4's Bible Study Library Vol 7 CD

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E4’s Reference Bible Study Library Vol. 7 CD
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This collection of Christ-centered Bible studies and writings is an indispensable software resource for any pastor, ministry leader or serious Bible student. Each author was hand picked as a tremendous biblical thinker who goes deep into the meaning of the text of sacred Scripture. The careful exposition and pastoral warmth will furnish the mind and enrich the soul of every believer.

Free Copy of QuickVerse Bible Software also included on CD! This Free library includes these Christ-centered Bible study tools that will deepen your knowledge and move your heart in worship…

Charles Hodge, Systematic Theology Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3

Hodge’s magnum opus is this massive 2,400 page, 3-volume systematic theology. Well known as one of the most useful reference tools available. It goes systematically through topic after topic found in Holy Scripture and gives an in-depth treatment on each subject. For nearly a century this was the top tool to train pastors in America.

James Buchanan, The Doctrine of Justification
Buchanan’s "Justification" dives into the Bible’s central message for our salvation (and for our happiness!). In what many consider to be the best work on the subject, he pulls apart the details and wonder of Grace that overflows all our sin and failure. This huge 540 page volume will educate you and edify you simultaneously, giving you a taste heaven and understanding of how strong your salvation really is!

C. H. Irvin, John Calvin: The Man and His Work
Martin Luther and John Calvin changed the church and the entire western world when they turned us from tradition to Scripture; from Popes and Bishops to Jesus Christ. Irvin dives into the life and work of the man who stood against so much, so that Evangelical churches could exist. Every Sunday morning we benefit from his life and work. Read why.

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#1 Bible Software – QuickVerse – Also included Free!

QuickVerse Bible Software is also included free on this CD. QV has been called the #1 Bible Software with over a million copies sold and is very easy to use. It will seamlessly join the books on this CD with the Bible study resources from E4’s other QV CDs to make one massive Bible Study Center. All this is free, because E4 is a true service to the church.

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"This free CD puts such classics at your fingertips and then into your heart." – R. C. Sproul

"This free CD will be enormously helpful to pastors and lay leaders everywhere. I commend it with great enthusiasm!" – J. I. Packer

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