When I went back to California

My wife and I just returned from a short lived vacation in California. While I was there I did a search online for free bibles for my Blackberry.
The result of that research was, now my Blackberry has 5 whole bibles, a Jewish scripture, and a Weymouth New Testament.
The website that provides these free bibles is The Olive Tree Bible Software Inc 

I then discovered that I can export my books from my Logos Electronic Bible Reference Library into my Blackberry as Text using the free utility from
At the main menu shown below, click the Import tool, then select format text, and browse to the file you want for the Blackberry.
Here is an example: the Philip lessons shown in the picture below.
That document came over into Mobipocket Reader from the enews rss reader I set up as listed at the top of the below rss feed list.
Once the data was available to copy and paste into a text file with notepad, I was able to send the ebook to the blackberry. I didn’t know that I didn’t need to do it because when I set up the rss feed subscription and clicked the e-news update and sync tool, it loaded the rss item in its entirety into my blackberry already.
I have since stopped doing that type of thing, getting it twice, once from the automatic sync to the rss feed and again with read, copy into notepad, file save as text, and import.
The total number of english language feeds available for synchronization into the blackberry are 279,322 as shown from the enews store in Mobipocket Reader as seen in the printscreen above.
No one on the planet can read that many rss feeds every day.

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