Astronomy Cast

I thought  "how is it that when my son Kevin was growing up, he decided he wanted to become an astronomer when he grew up?" so when I found the astronomy podcast on Itunes, I decided to subscribe.
To see a description of this free subscription in the Itunes store, click this link to a jpg file of that view in Itunes. You might notice that the shows last about 23 minutes each. I don’t know whether Kevin would have gone on to get his masters or PHD in astronomy, had he decided to become an astronomer and realized that just a Bachelors degree would not have been enough to make a good living as an astronomer, because Kevin is now working in commercial real estate investing with a Bachelors in Business from Marshall School of Business at USC.
In the process of listening to the astronomy cast programs that I have enjoyed so far, my christian faith has been supported by the facts about the universe.  Another thing that I noticed is, the facts change from one year to the next because of new data coming from the new telescopes so that the words "the textsbooks are wrong about this" seem to be repeated often on the astronomy podcast.

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