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Well I’m back from Liberia! Our trip was great and the ministry took great care of us while we were there serving them. I went with eMi which is an organization that organizes groups of architects and engineers to travel and provide designs for facilities for groups in underdeveloped regions.


We master planned the campus, surveyed the campus, and were able to design 2 ½ buildings (the library, administration building, and the second floor of classroom buildings) on the campus up to about 70% while in country. The remaining 30% of the design will be done here, which will basically consist of providing construction blueprints for construction of the buildings.


A friend of mine, Frankie who is a professional photographer and filmmaker, went with us. The link here will take you to the video he created that tells the story of our trip. The man singing in the background has an incredible voice and is blind. He has 4 children. He is a musician there. He sang to us on the last day this incredible song.


I also attached the presentation we gave to the leaders of the United Liberia Church denomination. It shows some of the conceptual sketches of the buildings that we will be producing construction drawings for.


Some quick highlights:


          I learned to take my daily shower out of a bucket full of water from the well

          My luggage was lost for the entire trip, except for the last day. It came and I was able to give most of the clothes away!

          I ate goat liver (accidentally)

          Touched the west side of the Atlantic ocean

          Played soccer and became close with many of the orphan children in the community

          Preached Sunday morning about destiny


I am hoping to travel back to Liberia to work on the next phases of the master campus plan and possibly teach a little at the college. (I am hoping to go back to Uganda too). I highly recommend a trip to Africa



Unto the King,

Jeremy David Livermore, P.E.


Costa Mesa, CA


"What is truth," – Pilate asked. – The Gospel of John

From: Scott, for the team

Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 2:21 PM
Subject: Re: EMI Liberia team update
Hey all!
We arrived last night and most of the team is now recuperating after an awesome, but exhausting trip.  Our two presentation meetings went extremely well.  The Director General for the Liberia National Commission on Higher Education even attended our presentation in Monrovia.  He described how several institutions run fly-by-night operations with a supposed four-year program run on property owned under a two-year lease.  Then he said, "As I was sitting here, I was shaking, because I was thinking, ‘This is right!’"  What incredible encouragement that we might have made a small difference in the shape of higher education in Liberia.  Prayer requests now are that our EMI team would refine and complete the design, and that the United Liberia Inland Church would raise necessary funds to start building this campus one brick at a time.  Thanks for all your prayers!
For His Glory,

-Scott, for the team

Greetings all!

It’s been difficult to find internet access in Ganta, but we’re at an internet café now. We’ve all made it safely to Ganta (no small miracle) and the Liberia Inland Church is taking good care of us. Robert made a safe linkup with the team last Thursday and we got off to a great start. We now have a draft master plan and working designs of two buildings. The team is really coming together and we’ve had several ministry opportunities already. Scott gave a message from Colossians 3:17 at a revival themed "Saved to Serve" on Wednesday night, Jeremy gave a sermon on destiny from Romans 8:29-34 on Sunday, and Mark gave a sermon on Nehemiah at another church.  Yesterday, we also got to visit a leper rehabilitation center and bought some great crafts made by the patients there. The neighborhood kids near our guesthouse are a blast, and Frankie has been taking some incredible photos.

Some prayer requests:

*  Robert is feeling a little under the weather.  Pray for his recovery, especially in these next crucial days for the architecture team before the presentation meeting.

*  Jeremy’s bag is still lost.  He’s completed the denial stage and is now in reluctant acceptance. 🙂  He’s doing just fine and the team is sharing clothes with him.

*  The college has a massive program (2,000 students on 20 acres), so pray that we can accommodate all the right spaces in the right proportions.

*  We have two presentation meetings scheduled for Thursday and Friday morning (one in Ganta and another in Monrovia).  Pray for complete designs, accurate communication, and God’s blessing on the gatherings.

Thank you all for your prayers!

In His Service,

-Scott (for Frankie, Robert, Kerry, George, Jennifer, Mark, & Jeremy)

On 6/24/08, Scott Powell  wrote:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your prayers.  The team has arrived safely in Monrovia, minus Robert.  We had a wonderful and warm reception by the ministry.  Robert sent an update – he will arrive in Monrovia two days later than the team, but we’ll have someone there to pick him up.  He is currently staying in Washington, DC, and United is thankfully paying for his hotel and meals.  Jeremy’s bag was lost (his was the only one), but he seems to be living simply and doing just fine.  We’re hoping it will arrive on the same flight with Robert.

We plan to drive up to Ganta this afternoon.  The ministry will pick Robert up on Wednesday and drive him up to Ganta on Thursday.  The rainy season has set in and the roads are bad, but traversable.  Thanks for all your prayers!

For His Glory,


On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 23:44, Scott Powell  wrote:

Greetings all,

The Liberia EMI team conducted a successful linkup (minus one) in Washington, DC and we’re now in Brussels, Belgium.  Robert’s flight out of Denver was delayed so much that he missed our team’s flight to Brussels.  We’re still trying to figure out his status, but we would certainly appreciate your intercession on his behalf.

If we don’t get back in touch for some time, it’s because internet access is limited in Liberia.  Generally, no news is good news!  As you keep us in your prayers, here are some requests to keep in mind:

  • that Robert would make the next available flight to Brussels and arrive in the next 3 hours (most ideal), and barring that, that he would get to Monrovia as soon as possible and conduct a successful linkup with the team;
  • that each one of us (volunteers, intern, and staff alike!) encounters God in a new and exciting way on this trip;
  • that our team is successful as God defines the term, not as we do; and
  • that our team would demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ well as we serve and minister alongside our Liberian brothers & sisters. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!  God is great and He does great things. 

For His Glory,

-Scott, for the entire team:  Jennifer, Robert, Mark, Jeremy, Frankie, Kerry & George



Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 7:54:25 PM
Subject: prayer – mission trip to Liberia


As you may be aware, I have had the fortunate opportunity to participate on a trip with my church to help in meeting the physical and spiritual development needs of the post-war post-rebel region of Gulu, Uganda.

This weekend, I will be serving abroad again. I will be going to Liberia with Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a team of architects and engineers to design a bible and vocational college in the post-war country of Liberia. This college will play a big role in preparing the next leaders of Liberia. We will be bringing laptops, surveying equipment, drawing tools, and our calculators to design these buildings while on site for 2 weeks. We will be staying with people in the villages as we design our butts off. Liberian refugees have suffered first-hand the devastation of their country wrought by a 14-year civil war which left the nation without the most basic human needs. The war ended in 2005 when Charles Taylor was exiled and is now currently on trial for war crimes at the ICC court in the Netherlands. Please pray for me and the team. Just pray for God’s grace and mercy on us as we travel and try to get the job done while there without any hindrances. Also, pray that the school will train new leaders of Liberia for integrity. If you want more information on EMI or know of an organization that could use EMI to design a building for them, go to

Unto the King,

Jeremy David Livermore


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