An email from one of the sons of the father of four boys


As you may be aware, I have had the fortunate opportunity to participate on a trip with my church to help in meeting the physical and spiritual development needs of the post-war post-rebel region of Gulu, Uganda.

This weekend, I will be serving abroad again. I will be going to Liberia with Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a team of architects and engineers to design a bible and vocational college in the post-war country of Liberia. This college will play a big role in preparing the next leaders of Liberia. We will be bringing laptops, surveying equipment, drawing tools, and our calculators to design these buildings while on site for 2 weeks. We will be staying with people in the villages as we design our butts off.

Liberian refugees have suffered first-hand the devastation of their country wrought by a 14-year civil war which left the nation without the most basic human needs. The war ended in 2005 when Charles Taylor was exiled and is now currently on trial for war crimes at the ICC court in the Netherlands.

Please pray for me and the team. Just pray for God’s grace and mercy on us as we travel and try to get the job done while there without any hindrances. Also, pray that the school will train new leaders of Liberia for integrity and wisdom.

If you want more information on EMI or know of an organization that could use EMI to design a building for them, go to

Unto the King,

Jeremy David Livermore, P.E.


Costa Mesa, CA

“What is truth,” – Pilate asked. – The Gospel of John


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