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Hi Everyone “So, many people asked about you, and I said we had emailed a few times, and your sons said you like it in Tennessee.” Read this little essay I wrote on that subject, Several weeks ago I went sailing in the J Percy Priest Lake Yacht Clubs final regatta of the year called the “Fall Off Regatta” our 30 foot single hull S2 class yacht finished 4th out of 20 and we had the biggest handicap- 28 minutes delay before being allowed to start racing. My presence as a crew member was appreciated because with my 215 lbs hanging on the incoming wind side of the boat really helped our speed and our 4th place finish, but I noticed that the final second of the race was really a tie for third place! They claimed our boat was 2 tenths of a second behind the other boat. When I wasn’t hopping up and down each time we would come about, I was manning the lines, I raised the jib and later the spinnaker. By the end of the day every muscle in my body was sore and I was sore for days after that. Carl and his wife Kris, and another man from my apartments, Bob were on board too. You should have seen the concerts I saw Nov 19th and 20th. Third Day in the GEC, Rebecca St James at Rocketown, and Carrie Underwood, Porter Wagoner, Vince Gill and Rascal Flatts in the Ryman Auditorium! I bought the new RSJ CD. Then she autographed it for me. If I would have had a camera, she would have let me pose with her for a picture. Too bad. Maybe next time. One church, The Nashville Vineyard did something for thanksgiving that is really nice. They had people who had a turkey and all the other fixin’s open up their homes to those of us with no family nearby. That is where I went for thanksgiving. In December I sang in a christmas production put on by a 25 member choir at another church I have been attending, Grace Baptist Church in Mt Juliet. The remarkable thing about that was, one of our selections was the Halelujah Chorus from “the Messiah” and no one in the audience stood up the whole time we were singing it! I always stand up when that is being sung. Now that I live in the south I guess I won’t be doing that anymore… I am joining a local chapter of the barbershop harmony society It is a group of guys singing all year long, Nashville Music City Chorus Albert Mitchell PO Box 6 Cross Plains, TN 37049-0006 (615) 654-2480 100 Oaks Mall Space 113-115 Nashville, TN 37204 MON – 7:00 The chorus is 40 guys. I saw a christmas tree lighting ceremony on th campus of Lipscomb Univ featuring Amy Grant the first Thursday in December. When Kevin was here to visit, we went to Michael W Smith’s church “New River Fellowship” in Franklin. I am so used to watching his videos and seeing him on stage, it was sort of strange to see him do an entire church service. He chose a lot of choruses I had never heard before for the worship music. He then preached a good sermon. The music industry here is big. It contributes 6.2 billion dollars a year into the local economy. My apartment has a dishwasher, stove, fridge, walk in closet, and I bought a stacked washer dryer combo unit. I can walk to the lake from the apt.

At Grace Baptist Church the women are not permitted to become deaconesses. The men all talk about the original greek word that is in whatever verb tense or whatever noun case in their scripture text they are teaching on at the moment. Greek word study information is an integral part of the printed handouts for everything the church prints. No one seems to think they need to get up and walk out of church in protest over this!
I went to Hermitage Hills Baptist church yesterday and had a chance to talk to a local woman about some things, and I learned the meaning of a cryptic phrase “giggin frogs” from a big and rich song “save a horse ride a cowboy” The way you catch and cook frogs is: you take a bright flashlight and shine it in the frogs eyes, and the light temporarily blinds them and they become paralyzed so you take a stake and shove it into the frog, then throw the dead frog in the bucket and continue the hunt. Did you know that in Tennessee it is legal to eat your roadkill? I had a chance to judge a chili contest earlier, and one of the ten pots had venison instead of beef. We had a tie for first place, and one of the people who got that prize was my Keystone co-worker, Shanti Morton. I might have eaten my very first roadkill.


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